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    Paradise's Rules


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    Post by Admin on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:21 am

    Paradise's Rules
    Please read and understand.

    No racist comments
    This is an important rule, no hatred against other races.

    Treat others as you would like to be treated
    If your sick of being called a noob, being teased etc, its because you provoked them or called them names, if you treat everyone nicely, you will be treated nicely back.

    Back seat moderating
    If someone has broken the rules, report it, don't go telling them off, that's the moderators job.

    Adult content
    No R rated contest or anything classified adult contest, as this site is not permitted to host such things.

    Multiple Accounts
    You may not have more then one account, unless you have a staff members permission or all of your accounts are banned. If you are a mod, then you can have a mule account, but not too many.

    Harassment/cyber bullying/threaten
    You may not flame, tease, "bag", or harass any member, if we find you are doing this, and the victim is taking offense to it, you will be punished. This includes the staff members, they worked hard for their rank and everybody deserves respect you know. You cannot harass other members through pictures, videos, or the text itself.

    Do not give out information
    Please keep all contact information to your profiles. Don't give out phone numbers. street addresses, or any other personal information to people you don't know. You can't trust people on the internet.

    No selling/trading items in signature or new post/topic
    You can not abuse using your signature by selling EBAY items or other online shops items in your signature, this is important because it might scam other people, therefore, I will cancel out selling/trading real items in your signature, and/or a new topic/post saying you want to sell/trade items.

    No advertising
    No advertising is allowed in your username. (EX: username = You can advertise in your signature but make sure it isn't too big. You can post your website through your user CP or advertise in the advertising forum.

    You may not beg for anything, like special ranks, becoming a mod, etc.
    Requesting is much better and there is a difference.

    Post in the right forum
    Please do not post in a inappropriate forum for your topic. This is to prevent reader to think it is something else.

    No arguing with staff
    Please be respectful of the staff. They are here to help you Smile.

    No Staff colors
    No user can use the color of any staff member.


    When you break any of these rules, the following actions can and will be taken:

    Your let off twice, then you start getting warnings.

    1st- Warning Will be notified

    2nd- You will be notified publicly via the warning bar.

    3rd- When out of warnings, you are banned for one week!

    After your one week ban period if you continue to not follow the rules you will be banned permanently!

    (if you try to make a new account while you got banned, then you are IP banned)

    Spammers will be permanently deleted without any notice.

    If you have any questions please ask away.

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