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Well I have interests in many things, various media/entertainment outlets, children (i love teaching and taking care of children), rollerblading, martial arts and weapons training (bringing a knife to a fist fight is bad for you not me), I'm going through college next september to get my fitness and health promotion, and after that take a receration and leisure course, i haven't thought as to what i will do after, but i would like to take get an ECE (Early Childhood Education) and also a bachelor of kinesisology (i would like to become a PE/Health teacher someday). I'm also into anime and manga and like fantasy works, especially dark or gothic style fantasy, i love playing magic the gathering and world of warcraft card games, they are just dark, bloody, "adult" and hell what can i say i like that in my games. I'm also a serious rpg player, and love D&D while i don't play it as much as i use to, my favourite character will always be the cleric, i love using the cleric's power words, especially Power Word: KILL (those of you who started with 4thED D&D may be wondering what power words are, well let's just say that wizards of the coast was stupid to remove them, as that's where the cleric gets his real power from and helps him stand up against the other classes)
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