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I am currenty in college for web design. My hobbies are making graphics and working on Paradise.
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Reality is only an ILLUSION that occurs due to a lack of ALCOHOL!
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OMG!!! Look its me!! LOL!
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My name is Pamela (if you know me then you already knew that) I was established on march 25, 1988. I am the creator of Paradise. Its a graphic/layout/community website. I created Paradise to get my work out there, because that's what I hope to do someday graphic/website design.
This quote pretty much describes me to a "T"
"I love the color pink & love dancing in my underwear
I'm a mess and my room usually is too.
I laugh at the stupidest things
& always say the wrong things at the wrong time
I cry for no reason & sometimes get mad easily.
but I'm just me and that's all I can be."
I don't care what other people think of me so please don't think I do. I'm trying to live my life to the fullest so I'm not into the drama shit!
I'm a friendly person that will give anyone a chance to show me they can be a good friend, but you have one time to prove me wrong or screw me over and then your through! There is no second chances! If you screw up once you will screw up again.
I know most of what I have said are my beliefs and opinions, but if you can read between the lines you will understand me and how I work.
Thank you to all the people that care enough to read this.
And to you all:

Always live your life to the fullest you never know when its going to end. Never hold a grudge against anyone you love because you never if you will ever see that person again.
And always remember to try to keep
peace, love, & happiness in your heart.

Never judge people for what they are or what they believe in, because people like that make the best friends you will ever have!
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